1) Use an Escrow Service and a Credit Card, when purchasing items on the internet. We recommend PayPal because its rated as one of the top safe and secure sites online for transactions.

2) Request seller to provide you a Tracking Number when they ship your item. This is the ONLY way for sellers to prove they shipped an item.

3) If you do NOT receive an item you purchased over the internet, FILE A DISPUTE WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD company, and they will typically credit the money back to your account immediately. Your credit card company will contact the seller and investigate the transaction, until the dispute is settled. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Note: If you are the seller, keep the Tracking number when you mail items, to prove the buyer picked it up. Some scammers will claim they did NOT receive an item, to try and get it for FREE. Also file a dispute with PayPal, and they will freeze their account, while investigating.

ANTIQUE MALL OWNERS- Check "WANTED" Ads under Classifieds, to see what online customers are looking for. If you have items they want, take a photo, and text or email it to them.
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